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Pedestrian Vomero Shopping

1. Vanvitelli Square
2. Scarlatti Street
3. APU Luca Giordano Street
4. Cilea Street
5. Antignano Market


An enjoyable walk through commercial streets of Vomero, with shops of more famous brands and fashionable shop windows.


Naturalistic Vomero

1. Vanvitelli Square
2. Scarlatti Street

3. Villa Floridiana
4. APU Luca Giordano Street
5. Ruoppolo Street Garden


For relaxing escape from frenzy of town, the park Villa Floridiana and the gardens of Ruoppolo Street offer large green area for jogging, lie in the sun or reading a book in total relax.

Pedestrian Vomero panoramic # 1

1. Vanvitelli Square
2. Belvedere San Martino
3. Scarlatti Street
4. APU Luca Giordano Street


The Belvedere of San Martino is ideal to admire the splendor of town view from top, with a good coffee or drinking good juices in bar or overlooking from Castel Sant’Elmo.

Pedestrian Vomero panoramic # 2

1. Vanvitelli Square
2. Scarlatti Street
3. APU Luca Giordano Street
4. Belvedere Street
5. Aniello Falcone Street

Through old streets of Vomero and its famous houses in liberty style arrive leads at panoramic point of Aniello Falcone Street to enjoy of an unique glimpse of the town.

Pedestrian Historical and Artistic Vomero #1

1. Vanvitelli Square
2. Castel Sant’Elmo
3. Certosa San Martino

4. Pedamentina San Martino


A walk descovering millennial Naples history, by Castel Sant’Elmo to the Certosa San Martino, with possibility to arrive in the historical center of town traveling on foot the famous Pedamentina.

Pedestrian Historical and Artistic Vomero #2

1. Vanvitelli Square
2. Bernini Street
3. Palizzi Street
4. Gradini Petraio


For admirers of liberty architecture the quarter proposes a prestigious and artistic walkthrough the palaces of Palizzi Street and Corso Vittorio Emanuele with its panoramic view.

Metro Art Line 1

1. Vanvitelli Station
2. Rione Alto
3. Quattro Giornate
4. Salvator Rosa
5. Materdei
6. Museo
7. Dante

8. Toledo
9. Municipio
10. Università
11. Garibaldi


Born on Authority decision for showing all beautiful and interesting areas offering possibility to meet contemporary art, the stations of art show about two hundred works of more important modern artists.


Metro Historical Center

1. Vanvitelli-Dante Stations
2. Port’Alba
3. Tribunali

4. San Gregorio Armeno
5. Duomo

6. San Domenico Square
7. San Severo Chapel
8. Decumani


Declared a World Heritage Site from Unesco in 1995, the Historical Center of Naples is the largest of Italy and it encloses three millennia of European history in an unique and suggestive scenery.


Metro, Harbour and Islands

1. Vanvitelli-Municipio Stations
2. Molo Beverello

3. Boarding to Islands

4. Ischia

5. Capri

6. Procida


The splendor offered by Capri, Ischia and Procida to the visitors from all the world thanks the continuous service of hydrofoils and boats from Harbour of Naples.


Metro Borbonic Naples

1. Vanvitelli-Municipio Stations
2. Castel Nuovo

3. San Carlo Theatre
4. Royal Palace

5. National Library
6. Plebiscito Square
7. Borbonic Gallery
8. Pizzofalcone

9. Castel dell’Ovo
10. Borgo Santa Lucia
11. Lungomare Caracciolo


First and more ancient historical center of the town, the areas of Pizzofalcone and San Ferdinando host an archeologic site of absolute relevance for all the world.

Metro shopping Toledo-Chiaia

1. Vanvitelli-Toledo Stations
2. APU Toledo Street

3. Galleria Umberto I
4. Spanish Neighborhoods
5. Plebiscito Square
6. Chiaia Street

7. Dei Martiri Square


Commercial district of town, the pedestrian area of Toledo Street is the ideal walk for neapolitan shopping, between shops, bar, restaurants of each kind.


Chiaia shopping and art funicular

1. Vanvitelli Square
2. Cimarosa-Amedeo Square Stations
3. Dei Mille Street

4. Palazzo delle Arti Napoli (PAN)
5. Filangieri Street
6. Domenico Morelli Street
7. Riviera Chiaia


Elegance and luxury, art and fashion, exclusive brands and latest trends of design are distinctive feature of Chiaia quarter, with its elegant walk not far from seafront.

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